Michael Lauchlan Crowdfunding with the King

Michael Lauchlan aka the Crowdfund King helps entrepreneurs start a business with crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is a growing industry that allows ordinary people the opportunity to raise huge amounts of money to launch their business ideas. Michael guides would be entrepreneurs through the hurdles of creating, launching, and promoting their own crowdfunding projects. Check out Crowdfundking more details.


The Crowdfund King program is an A to Z guide and training program that reveals all the latest marketing techniques used by successful crowdfunders. If you’re thinking about launching any type of business with crowdfunding then this guide is a must have.


Michael combines the knowledge with his expert consulting to make sure you have a successful crowdfunding project. The Crowdfund King program is designed to help first time crowdfunders have success. It is also designed to help the seasoned crowdfunding pro take their crowdfunding projects to greater heights.


The Crowdfund King program focuses on how people can cash in on the popularity of crowdfunding websites such as Indiegogo.com and Kickstarter.com. How to master these crowdfunding platforms provides the basis for a large portion of the program. Most successful crowdfunding projects in the history of crowdfunding have been from Indiegogo and Kickstarter campaigns.

The Crowdfunding king program also shows people the best ways to create a crowdfunding project and get a good idea. Many crowdfunders need help developing their idea and discovering what type of business they want to run. Michael helps his students choose the right crowdfunding idea that can evolve into a business that they enjoy running. In these respects the Crowdfund King program goes beyond just the initial funding you will get from the crowdfunding project. It focuses on how to obtain a lifestyle business that provides sustainable automated income well beyond just the initial crowdfunding launch.


The remainder of Michael’s crowdfunding king program focuses on advanced marketing tactics to drive sales and raise huge amounts of money. Michael reveals his exact blueprint for the first time that he used to raise $25,000 for his first crowdfunding project. He also reveals all the latest tactics and strategies that his other successful projects have used in all different crowdfunding categories.


The Crowdfund King program accepts a limited number of people to work with Michael Lauchlan. If you’re serious about launching a business or taking your existing business idea to the next level, then you can apply for the program online at the website Michael Lauchlan.